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Interloper is the debut album of Gothik Serpent. A musical journey that is best listened to as an album and not just a collection of songs, Interloper explores the concepts of isolation, alienation, and impermanence across a vast array of sounds and moods. Unconventional instrumentation is frequently incorporated into the album's primarily progressive rock sound, such as a harpsichord, Chapman Stick, and the Islamic call to prayer.

This is not an album that can be played in the background at parties or otherwise listened to in a passive manner; this is an album that demands your full attention, and every layer of its dense sound was crafted for your discerning ears to dissect.

This album is available only in uncompressed WAV to preserve audio fidelity. Physical purchases are also available in limited quantities via the link above this description.

Official Music Video of Direct Fright:


released August 20, 2014

Kerwin Tsang- Bass, Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals, Synth programming on Track 4
Tom Graham- Guitars, Drum programming on Track 5, String programming on Track 6
Tricia Isabela- Lead Vocals
Yuichi Ikeda- Drums
Lee Worley Raby- Saxophone, Clarinet
Andrew Berg- Synth programming on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7
Justin Levy- Acoustic Guitar on Track 5
Nobuaki Hayashi- Guitar Solos on Track 3
Joshua Kao- Additional Clarinet on Track 6

Acle Kahney- Mixing and Mastering at 4D Sounds
Eric Rennaker- Engineering at Bedrock LA

All music and lyrics written and produced by Kerwin Tsang
Artwork by Kerwin Tsang



all rights reserved


Gothik Serpent Los Angeles, California

To paraphrase Robert Fripp, Gothik Serpent is a way of doing things. The sound of this project is best described as modern, progressive, and album-oriented, with songs that are highly composed and musically dense. GS's songwriter, bassist and stickist, Kerwin Tsang, has been playing music for seven years. ... more

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Track Name: Direct Fright
A thousand feet I ascend
surrender to my portent

I see you playing hide and seek
and suddenly you're someone else
Consumed in my unending haste,
my infinite unrest

I can believe
I can reveal

of my window
steel spires,
poking through clouds of toxic air

A serpent god atop the stairs
is flanked by kevlar men
It regards me with suspicious fear
ten thousand feet it will descend

The touch of an attendant clad in blue
shatters the synaptic veil
A miasma of recycled air and food
a clue for what beyond entails

Endless fleets of aimless ships
are anchored by an unknown spell
Suspended in a final resting place
before the days when cities fell

I can reveal
I can believe

My heart's filled with hatred
I do want you to know
I've lost all my patience
I won't come back to you

Will you stand with me now
that you know what I am
The truth is
almost self evident

An American dream
for a mind of the free
Hold your fire
I am coming in peace

I can reveal
I believe, ooh

Don't take me to a southern sea
I will fly the golden mean

You may have left the gate but no one ever saw you
You only see a place where no one can defend you

I fly direct
I just fly direct

Here I come
Track Name: Interloper
New world
So beautiful
All the people fending for themselves
We can believe
Honest lies and senseless things to buy
Old World
Oh, taking back
Friendly kin make me a living sin
It ain't so bad
All the things will come around

I don't follow ones who know
I don't have the time
I am not the stranger here
I'm not sure what's mine

It's tough
Can't quantify
Awkward glares and hostile stares at me
Go fight
How many likes
Should be fine to satisfy my mind
Get off the hate
All the fools and tools commiserate
Don't lie
Don't justify
This is not the place to live or die

I don't follow ones who know
I don't have the time
I am not the one to go
I will hold the line

I don't know if I belong here
Take me back
I think I'll be torn asunder
Fade to black
I had only best intentions
Take me back
I will simply wait for thunder
Fade to black

I am not the one who knows
I don't have the time
I am not the danger here
I'm not sure I'm fine
Track Name: Spectral Scepter
Please listen to me
As you silently stare
Trapped in an undulating sea

Sentinals of the dark world
Circle the unseen spire
This is the eternal fortress

Stone monoliths
Cities of resolve
Unwavering servitude
Deity of flesh

Thermal scanner
Airborne eye
Spectral Scepter
Don't defy

Please don't deny
The world is defined
Time's at an end
We won't make amends

There is no escape
You are a figure for curiosity
Please keep at what you do
Time will cast this place aside
Lost to a world you forgot

Please don't deny
The world is defined
Time's at an end
We won't make amends

Live on
Forget about your fight
Live on
We'll remember you right
Track Name: The Last Lindsey
I'm going somewhere
I'm walking, you're not there
I'm sailing, you're nowhere
A dying memory

The notches in my wrist
help bridge me in the rift
The hour of departure
Keeps me away

I will always do it again
You will find in me a friend
I will always do it again

As the sun set forever
My mail returns to sender
My hand's on the window
You're inside, you don't know
No anger, no screaming
the days make me needy
in horrifying silence
a prayer for violence

She walks by, treads by
Passes my window
Walk, walk, tick-tock
Head down, blinders on,
Keep straight, think straight
and get there, get there

The day and the road won't wait,
As the earth turns at the pace of her feet
As though it will freeze
if she's a second behind
so to keep life on time, she walks

I'm moving on again
There's nothing left to mend
What's left of you must end

Now that I remember
I will always do it again
it's time to know what's mine again
You can find in me a friend
another world could find us then
This is my original sin
Track Name: Everything Will Fail
When I was young we walked the river
Take me back
Leading to a place past the horizon
I'm done here
There was a truth with us, so I thought
But all truths have come to pass
This is the end of days gone bye bye

All my plans were put to the test
Now the world's on my hard disk
Everything stretched further apart
so much between us but little to start

This is beyond recognition, all I see is
stone and horror, a concrete wilderness
Former allies turned to madness
But I should be happy now

Desperate crawling surviving Someday I'll make it
Everything will fail
Lurking by the bastions of the trampled dreams oh
Everything will fail

You said I'd follow
Under a sacred tree
pray for me

You said I'd follow
all the things I want
fail to be
Don't look at me

You said I'd follow
Under a sacred tree
you said I'd follow
all things that fail to be
you said I'd follow
Don't you dare flake on me

Time is more than science
Our bonds lose compliance
All thoughts will run their course
We must act without remorse

My being here brings pain
So I leave here with no shame
On my little ship I sail
Cause everything must fail.